A long overdue Tumbleweed update; Herlock & Swatson

Firstly my apologies, it has been quite a while since anything was posted on here, I am going to keep it updated more (pinky promise). So I have been pretty busy over these past few months, I have played two of my friends weddings, I have written the score for a hilarious new family show Herlock & Swatson and had a surprise birthday party to celebrate me getting old and wrinkly. I haven’t been playing as many shows recently as I wanted to take the time to write some new songs/poems which i will get round to recording and sharing with you soon. 


When my good friend Stu (from york theatre company Paper planes & Daisy Chains) asked me if I would like to be involved in writing some original music for his new show Herlock & Swatson (that’s currently showing at Edinburgh Fringe) I was stoked, he is a great guy and a great writer so I knew I should just say yes and then work out the finer details as i go along. Before this project i had little experience in writing instrumental music and even less so on writing for a children’s play. After weeks of reading my trusty home recording for dummies book (don’t laugh its true) and playing around with different instruments I came up with some tracks that I thought fitted into the fast paced & comical theme.

Here are some of the finished tracks I did for the show

Goosin Around

This is the main theme for the show, i wanted it to sound mischievous and stylish, kinda like pink panther meets Django Reinhardt.

Bob The Farmer

This piece I wrote for a grumpy Yorkshire farmer named Bob played by the hilarious and talented David Phillipps.

Wild Goose Chase

Dun Dun Dun Duhhhhhh

A panto-style ‘I solved the mystery’ soundbite I wrote

Impostor Queenie (Harpsichord)

I had some help on this one with my sister in law/BFF/bandmate Abi Young, she made something aptly pompous and comical. Abi is ace and always has great ideas so big thanks to her for this one!

Counting Geese

This was the piece i wrote for the scene were Herlock & Swatson curl up in bed after a hectic day of crime solving.

I had so much fun recording all this, the recording side was certainly a challenge but a good one that i learnt a lot from. I did get a chance to see a preview of the show before the team took it to edinburgh and it was fantastic, i found myself laughing and grinning so hard the sides of my head hurt. A big thank you to everyone at the Paper Planes & Daisy Chains team for inviting me onboard this great project.

I have other updates and announcements to come soon on a new podcast I am setting up, new music from me and more. So expect more blog posts very soon.

Toodlepips for now folks!


Ghost In The Garden

There’s a ghost out in the garden of an old stately home
He’s searching for his decomposing body and his bones.
For decades he has wandered with a rifle in his hand
from a war he was too innocent and young to understand.

There’s a woman by a window garbed entirely in black
Gazing vacantly and wondering when her true love’s coming back
At night she sometimes sees an apparition stood alone
amongst the overgrowning garden of her old stately home.

A rustling of leaves beneath his slowly shifting feet
calloused from the dirt and debris bedded underneath
He stands outside her window with a true yet vacant stare
longing for his widow to finally see him standing there.

Nestled deep inside his pocket closest to his chest
Was a tarnished silver wind-up watch lest time he may forget
Everytime the clock was tightly wound he counted as one less
A small and simple victory of a love no more bereft

Cupid Is A Fraud

Cupid, has fooled us all,
he has taken away our ability of rational thought
and replaced it with a dictionary definition.

Love now reads in black and white,
Arial font.
Clear, concise and controlled.

His blueprints to take over,
he planned many moons ago,
with his tiny back arched and his outstretched bow,
only then without his hallmark Clinton cards logo.

A grin leaks across his face,
when February unveils its 14th day,
for this is when the guilty, the love struck and the naïve come out to play,
and he knows all too well that there’s money to be made.

Fools buy into limericks and his half arsed, lazy rhyme,
like ‘Hey, did you fall from heaven’ or ‘will you be my valentine?’
When every last penny has been spent and every last platinum card has been maxed,
he will appear before you, only not as a deity
but as a portly, balding businessman, garbed solely in a diaper floating outside your window.

With his chequebook in one hand and a fountain pen in the other,
he’ll tell you that The Beatles were wrong, that money can buy you love
and guides your pen to the dotted line.

Now before that ink smears the page, sit and think for a minute, really think.
No matter what you spend your money on, chocolates, books, DVDs, cuddly toys or diamond rings,
it doesn’t escape the fact that things are in fact still things… not feelings.

Covers For Cats

Hello friends

I have decided to take on a little project to keep myself busy over the winter, the idea is that I will be taking your requests to cover a song of your choice. The song you choose is completely up to you, if I can play it then I will cover it for you. I am doing this to help out the wonderful charity FLUFF (feline lovers uniting felinefriends) where we got our lovely cat Mim. If you would like me to send you a personal cover then I am asking for a donation, that can be anything at all, whatever you can afford. FLUFF foster cats, get them back to health and re-home them, some are stray and homeless and others have been taken in under difficult circumstances. All the money goes on food and vet bills to keep these cats healthy and ready to be homed.

You can be as inventive as you like with you covers, it could be a TV theme tune, and radio jingle a personalised happy birthday, I will be more than happy to make something up for you. You can email your cover requests to chrismather@yahoo.com and I should have something ready for you in about a week or so and I will keep you updated on Facebook and Twitter in the meantime

I am so excited to get started

Toodle pip
Chris (Tumbleweed Salesman)